Friday, August 25, 2006

But If You Were Me

A few Eli 5.0 stories that collected over the last few days.

Eli 5.0 moved up an older class at his school two weeks ago.

He's still a little disgruntled how about how much harder he has to work. I explained to him that having to "think hard" was a great thing, because it would make him smarter.

So this morning, Gloria and Eli are getting ready to leave, and I say "Eli, I hope you have a great day at school and learn lots of new stuff."

"It's all about THE LEARNING with you, isn't it?" he said. Gloria burst out laughing. So did I.

"You're the LEARNING DAD," he said, laughing.

I've also been called the "Safety Dad." Frequently.

Yesterday afternoon, I was looking for the "Curious George" CD. Jack Johnson recorded the soundtrack for the animated film that was released this summer, and it's beautiful. It doesn't matter that the songs were written for a children's movie--they're fantastic. I frequently listen to this CD when I write--because the music is very soothing and has a certain rhythm that helps my concentration.

Technically, though, it's Eli 5.0's CD.

Eli doesn't want to listen to the CD--he doesn't even like it--but it drives him mad that I keep it in my study. Because it's his, you see.

So yesterday, I couldn't find the Curious George CD. I walked out into the living room and said "Eli, have you seen the Curious George CD?"

"No!" he said. "Where is that? I want to listen to it!"

"Is it possible that you borrowed the CD?"

"Borrowed?" he asked. "Oh, yeah, I borrowed it. It's right here!" He lifted about four layers of meticulously arranged toy sediment and it was carefully hidden at the bottom.

"Eli, it doesn't seem very fair that you're hiding this CD because you don't want me to borrow it, even though you don't want to listen to it yourself."

He thought about this for a few seconds, realizing how unreasonable he sounded, then blurted out "But if YOU were ELI, you'd be doing the SAME THING that I am!"

Gloria was driving Eli home from school yesterday, and they were listening to the radio. A commercial for "The Library" (apparently a new bar) came on, and this commercial must be in heavy rotation, because when the announcer started talking, Eli 5.0 shouted "One dollar well drinks!"

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