Tuesday, August 15, 2006


This isn't confirmed yet, and it could be a wild goose chase, but it doesn't feel like one. DQ reader Gwon Chang let me know that the 2K forum mods released a self-described "cryptic announcement" today, which you can see here (reg required). It's a series of websites with what looks like jersey numbers attached at the end.

The message has been decoded as meaning "generic equals balance."

Like I said, the message (and thread in the 2K forums) is very strange (and downright misleading in some places), but unless it's some kind of remarkably elaborate prank, Take-Two's Visual Concepts is working on a generic pro football game.

It's about time!

A generic pro football game at the same level as NFL2K5 would sell a million copies on the Xbox 360 if they priced it at $39.95. Easily.

Yes, the lack of an official NFL license is a problem, but it's a problem for EA, too. I think EA has much less price flexibility on Madden because of the insane cost of the exclusive license they bought. Take-Two just needs to include full roster editing capabilities and a create-a-stadium mode, sell it at a discount to Madden, and they'll do very well.

And it would improve Madden.

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