Thursday, August 10, 2006

From You: Two Pieces of Information

From DQ Fitness Consulant Doug Walsh, on the Activision purchase of Red Octane:
Activision didn't buy Red Octane just for Guitar Hero. Red Octane has a very good reputation as the producer of the higher quality dancemats for all of the DDR games which are immensely popular. They built their reputation as a third party accessory/controller company basically off of DDR which is why they were the natural choice to publish the Guitar Hero games for Harmonix in the first place. My understanding is that Harmonix didn’t really trust conventional publishers with the production of the guitar. And that’s where Red Octane’s strength lied – quality peripheral devices.

DQ Legal Advisor Lee Rawles sent in this in reference to Google Maps and commercial flight sims:
The reason why Google has not been licensing their data from Google Maps (and I assume you are talking about the satellite images), is because Google doesn't own the data. They have a license to it. Notice the Digital Globe copyright notice (it may be other notices as well, depending on the geographic area being examined). Google cannot repurpose it or license it, if they do not have rights to do so. That simple.

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