Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Links

A few totally unmatching links for your reading pleasure.

First, from Shad Price, a link to a story about yellowjacket nests in the South. Here's the lead:
MOBILE -- To the bafflement of insect experts, gigantic yellow jacket nests have started turning up in old barns, unoccupied houses, cars and underground cavities across the southern two-thirds of Alabama.

Nests with multiple queens. Over 100,000 workers. Yikes.

There's a photograph with the article that shows a single nest inside an abandoned car. You can still see the steering wheel, but that's about it--everything else is nest.

Here's the link.

Charles Lee sent me a terrific link to a site that has MP3 recordings of dozens of old children's albums. If you had a favorite album as a child, there's a good chance it's here, and it's an excellent selection--you'll find everyone from Lauren Bacall to Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan). Great site, and here's the link.

Sirius sent me a link to a very interesting article in Scientific American about "The Expert Mind." Here's the article teaser:
Studies of the mental processes of chess grandmasters have revealed clues to how people become experts in other fields as well.

It's fascinating, and a bit surprising, and here's the link.

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