Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More XNA

DQ reader Allen Varney (who is an excellent writer and a regular contributor to The Escapist) sent this about XNA:
Regarding your DQ post today about the forthcoming Microsoft XNA Pro development kit, note that according to the Microsoft FAQ:
"Developers using XNA Game Studio Professional in 2007 will still require a membership to the Xbox 360 Registered Developer Program (i.e. an Xbox 360 developer kit) to publish games via the traditional channels (DVD, Live Arcade) on the Xbox 360. A beta release of XNA Game Studio Professional is currently targeted for early 2007."

So that further muddies the water about how useful XNA is actually going to be. If you buy the Professional version (when it's available), which is required to publish games via Live Arcade, you apparently must also be a member of the Xbox 360 Registered Developer Program.

A lot of potential, and a lot of questions.

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