Tuesday, August 29, 2006

She's a Chopsticks Wizard

We all ate lunch at California Pizza Kitchen on Monday.

CPK has clear partitions separating the booths, so you can see other people sitting near you. In the booth across from us, there was a young woman who was eating a salad.

With chopsticks.

"Chopsticks wizard has such a supple wrist," I said to Gloria, discreetly motioning in the woman's direction.

Gloria is proficient with chopsticks, but she immediately recognized a special talent. "Oh, she's good," she said, as the woman deftly lifted a small bale of salad to her mouth.

"She's fantastic," I said, "but isn't that like being an expert in oil lamps? Do people sit down in restaurants and ask for an oil lamp to light their table?"

"Not to my knowledge, no," Gloria said.

I picked up a shirt for Gloria while we were in the mall. She's been taking a Spanish class (and has become quite proficient), so I got her a "Estoy Con Estupido" shirt.

That's "I'm With Stupid" in Spanish.

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