Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Advertising: Microsoft vs. Sony

Here are two links (thanks Kotaku) that let you see the different strategies being used by Microsoft and Sony this holiday season.

First, here's a Microsoft commercial for Gears of War:
It's well worth seeing, but in case you're extraordinarily lazy (in which case, I commend you, sir), it's in-game footage of Gears of War with no in-game sound--what you hear is "Mad World" by Gary Jules. It's tremendously evocative and not unlike the style that Sony itself is using for their Bravia television ads.

Here's a Sony ad for the PS3, in contrast:
Lots of talking, lots of technical claims, lots of blah blah blah. Again, Sony's having to use their advertising dollars just to explain their product. I don't see how the equivalent of a college professor explaining how gosh-damn fantastic and powerful the PS3 is will be effective in getting people excited.

Here's another one:

Again, long and lots of narration. Explaining, explaining.

Oh, and you know how you market the Wii? Show a 30-second commercial of a ten-year-old waving the controller and laughing while he plays a game.

No explanation necessary.

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