Monday, October 23, 2006

Bully and the Bully

It looks like The Deadly Frog Woman of the Lost Rainforest could be getting into a bit of trouble. From Game Politics:
GamePolitics has confirmed that lawyers representing Take-Two Interactive, publisher of Bully, are seeking to have Jack Thompson declared in contempt of court.

Although we haven’t yet seen the motion, the request would appear to relate to Thompson’s angry comments in the wake of Miami District Court Judge Ronald Friedman’s refusal to block sales of Bully.

Even better than the motion is Jack's response:
For his part, Thompson has reacted to the motion with typical bluster, directing his comments towards opposing counsel as well as the judge. Here are excerpts from recent e-mails cc’d to GamePolitics:
"You want to play hardball…? You want to try to throw me in jail? You have no idea what you are unleashing in doing this. You’re at the brink…”

“If this court in any fashion proceeds toward issuing a show cause order, given its utter baselessness and the bad faith goo in which it slithers, then Thompson will add whatever judge should do so as a defendant in the aforementioned federal civil rights action…”

I see Thompson with a t.v. tray, sitting in a dilapidated green easy chair, the arms duct-taped to cover the holes, eating a frozen dinner and yelling "Unleash Hell!" at the television as he watches the evening news.

Bully for you, Jack--no pun intended, of course.

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