Friday, October 20, 2006

Seeking Your Rolling Stones Stories

The Rolling Stones are giving a concert in Austin on Sunday.

I saw them on their "last" North American tour--in 1980. Twenty-six years later, they've moved to the second-tier cities because it's just not that easy to be draw in L.A. and New York in your sixties (although I think their studio albums are still very solid).

The tickets (general admission into Zilker Park) cost around $100. Holy crap. So even though they're the Rolling Stones, and even though they've never performed in Austin, they're not selling out, although they will have about 40,000 people there on Sunday.

Here's the thing. I have a couple of stories from when I saw them in 1980, because the crowd itself was pretty memorable. And I've got one other story from someone else as well. So if you've been to a Rolling Stones concert and have an interesting story, send it to me and I'll post them all on Monday.

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