Thursday, October 19, 2006

Update on EA, BF2142, and Patches

DQ reader "Kato Katonian" sent me this:
From what I am reading today, it sounds like the problem is with Microsoft's Security Patch, which is why EA says you might have to uninstall if if you have problems. Microsoft has released a patch to fix the patch. Go figure.

The MS hotfix article is here:

Here's the explanation from that page:
After you apply security update 917422, programs that limit the application stack size to 2,048 bytes might not run. You do not receive any error message when this problem occurs.

I looked for a date that this was posted on Microsoft's site, but all I see is the "Last Review" date, which is 10/18 (yesterday).

I'm going to add a comment to all the previous posts made about the patch to reflect this.

Again, though, this is another situation where EA gets them into a mess. Two months ago, they revised their privacy policy because, read literally, it indicated that they could receive the credit card information from our Xbox Live accounts via transfer from Microsoft.

It was not a mistake in comprehension. It was the way their policy was written.

Earlier this week, we have the BF2142 flyer fiasco, where a badly written disclaimer, again read literally, indicated that they could send targeted ads by gathering data from our computers. Yesterday, they came out with a clearly worded, easily-understood explanation of exactly what was happening--which is what they should have done in the first place.

Then we have the patch readme. Again, if a Microsoft Security Update had an error, they could have easily added that one-sentence explanation up front and there would have been no concern.

EA needs to very, very clear about everything involving privacy, because we are all paying attention now.

All of us.

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