Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jack Thompson: In Court, on Video

DQ reader Mike sent in a link to a video of Jack Thompson's contempt of court hearing yesterday. The video was made byNiero of Destructoid, and you can watch it here.

A few notes about the video. First, it's NSFW, because Niero has a few minutes of ramblings as he's driving to the courthouse (which are faily amusing, all in all, but obscenity-laced). Second, the sound quality in the courtroom is not good until you hit about the ten minute mark of the video, so while you can hear the judge before then, his voice is a little muffled.

Third, I had a feeling that Thompson would be lousy in court, but I had no freaking idea. He's the legal equivalent of cancer. Seriously--he's that bad. He makes Lionel Hutz look like Clarence Darrow.

The judge wound up recusing himself on the contempt of court motion, by the way--because he's filed a complaint against Thompson with the Florida Bar.

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