Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Date

We went to our favorite restaurant on Saturday night for a "Christmas date." It's called Cafe Josie, and it has a very small main room and a second room that's kind of an indoor patio.

With a tin roof.

It hasn't rained here in any significant way for months, so of course it was absolutely pouring. And we sat on the patio.

"THIS IS SO RELAXING," Gloria shouted over the thunderous roar of the roof.


"REALLY?" she asked.


"IT'S COZY," she said.

I should type all the rest of this in caps, because we were shouting the entire time, but I'll save your eyes.

"I love the sound of rain on a tin roof," Gloria said. "I have such good memories of my Grandmother's house and the tin roof she had over the porch. I just sat in the swing and listened to the rain."

"I have sounds like that," I said. "The roar of the crowd as the kicker runs toward the ball for the opening kickoff. The sound of a computer's fans spinning up when it gets turned on. Good times."

"Good grief," she said.

The food was just fantastic (it always is), and we started shouting again after dinner. Other diners near us were shouting as well.

"There's another sound I like," Gloria said. "I like to hear people talking.."

"I like to hear people talking when they're not talking to me," I said. "It's soothing to know that I don't have to listen."

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