Thursday, January 04, 2007

Guitar Hero II Update

I've staggered through songs 31 (Madhouse) and 32 (Carry Me Home) in Expert mode, and I'm very close to passing 33 (Laid to Rest). Next, of course, is Psychobilly Freakout, which everyone on the planet has warned me about.

This set of songs is, by far, my least favorite. They're all extremely fast, crunching, dissonant songs, except for the encore, which is Rush's YYZ.

Can someone explain to me why YYZ was the Rush song they picked? I had a friend say that maybe it was because they couldn't find someone who sounded like Geddy Lee. Listen, there were five kids in my high school who did perfect Geddy Lee's. They were the prototypical Rush guy.

You remember Rush guy. He had stringy hair, torn jeans, and wore a Rush t-shirt every day. He took all of his breaks with the smokers behind the band building. He could explain the deep meaning behind Rush's songs at a level of philosophical thinking far beyond the capabilities of a university Ph.D., , even though he was flunking out of high school.

Interestingly, though, all the Rush guys at my high school were really nice guys. Every single one.

I'm hoping I can somehow make it to the final set. I have no illusions about ever passing Hangar 18, but it would be nice to give it a try.

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