Monday, November 19, 2007

Band Names

Future Nobel Prize Winner Brian Pilnick sent me a link to a very clever band name generator, which you can see here. It's much funnier than any other one I've ever seen.

I'm still trying to lock on a band name before Tuesday. I used Gorilla Concept Manifesto in Guitar Hero II (I couldn't use "Guerilla" because it was too many letters, but I like gorillas, so that substitution worked out really well). I'm using Hole Control in GH III, which has the added benefit of sounding vaguely obscene, even though it's not (it's a term about city maintenance-something-or-other that I read about a few months ago).

Here are a few names the band generator came up with (both purely generated and cobbled together from multiple names), plus a few oddities from my current list.

Bitter Plastic Sunshine (this is my current #1 on the list)
Misspent Nitrogen Regime
Morbid Waste Alliance
Picasso's Frostbite Glee Club
Digitized Clown Believers
Ghastly Love Exhibition
Small Metaphor League

Discarded Puppet Subway
Northernmost Tugboat Engima
The Edmund Fitzgerald Experience
(a Gordon Lightfoot reference)
Young Waterbed Detectives
Dinosaur Attack Force
(an obscure Japanese culture reference)
The Groovy Band League
Pretty Man Factory
(you'll need to use a headset mic with this band name)
The Culprits
The Sanctions
The Disappointments
The Human Genome Project
Four-Eyed Cartoon Monster
(a very obscure Stevie Wonder reference)
East Indiana Trading Company
The Smells

Last Free Exit (that's Gloria's)

You can also add Federation, Project, or Experience to any band name to tart it up immediately.

These suck compared to what you guys would come up with, which is why we're (hopefully) going to have a band name contest next week.

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