Thursday, November 22, 2007

Rock Band (360): Notes and Video

First off, if you want to know how complicated the drums can get, there's a mind-blowing video on YouTube of a guy 5-starring "And Justice for All." He's rated #1 on the leaderboards as of this afternoon, and he hits 98% of the notes on what loooks like a tremendously difficult song. Watch the video here, and be sure you're sitting down.

I've also figured out why I was struggling to get adjusted to the Stratocaster controller. It's the lag setting for my screen, which can be adjusted in the calibration menu. As it turns out, the idea setting for my screen is the same as it was for GH II--25ms. I had a 399-note streak this afternoon, so I'm assuming I'm fully adjusted at this point, and I still love that there's no "clicking" sound on the strum bar.

One thing I have noticed is that the designated solo sections, which can be played on the neck buttons without strumming, are impossible for me to see coming. I don't know they've started until I see the big percentage indicator come up on the screen, so they're really difficult to play on the neck. There needs to be some kind of easy-to-see visual indicator, like a wide band across the screen, when a solo begins. That way, we could see it "dropping" from the top of the screen and get ready.

That sounds minor, but it's one of the ways that the Strat has an advantage over the Les Paul, and it's a different technique from anything available in GH III, so it's in Harmonix's best interests to make sure people explore that style.

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