Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rock Band Hardware

Andrew Martin let me know about a thread over at the Rock Band forums that indicates there are multiple versions of the strum bar for the Stratocaster guitar controller. That forum discussion includes images of the different versions. There's also information that there may have been a hardware revision to the drums as well.

Does it matter? Not if they all have the same failure rate. I think it's fair to ask questions about this, though, since there seems to be persistent complaints of hardware failures for both the guitar and drums. The number of reports of hardware failures I've seen is well above the "no real problem" level.

Harmonix needs to jump on this and make sure it doesn't become anything serious in terms of a customer satisfaction issue. I don't see anything else that could derail this game, but hardware reliability issues would be a real albatross.

Oh, and there's an interesting thread over at Quarter to Three about how you might be able to fix the Stratocaster strum bar, if you're feeling brave. The usual caveats apply.

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