Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Very Good Point (From You)

Several of you guys e-mailed (Chris Kessel was first) with an excellent point about yesterday's console post of the week. I mentioned Guitar Hero III sales across platforms in October as a useful and clean data point for comparison, but I totally forgot about prior investment. People who bought Guitar Hero II for the 360 (and there were, oh, over a million of us) will probably be more likely to buy the game for the same platform because they already have guitars. Sure, lots of people want to try out the new wireless Les Paul, but it's still going to have an effect.

Something else I didn't consider was shipping quantities. With the game out for only a few days in October, sales could well be more of a reflection of what shipped by platform than true demand by platform. As an example, I went to both Fry's and Circuit City yesterday, just to check on stock. Both stores had plenty of the PS2 version available, but nothing else.

That effect should naturally smooth out in November, but it may be pretty pronounced for the first ten days or so.

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