Monday, October 29, 2007

One Million Dollars

"Dad, you can win a hamburger with a SLOT in it and MONEY comes out," Eli 6.2 said. He was examining the pictures on the McDonald's Monopoly prize board. "Dad, we can win ONE MILLION DOLLARS!"

"Little man, they only make one or two of the pieces you need to win a million dollars," I said.

"Yes! Then we've GOT A CHANCE!" he said.

"So if you win a million dollars, are you going to share it with me?" I asked.

Eli stopped to think for a minute. "Yes," he said slowly. "I'll give you--ten dollars."

"Ten dollars?"

"Hey, it's MY money," he said, laughing.

"Fine," I said. "Then I'LL charge you a thousand dollars every time I drive you to McDonald's on Saturday."

"Touché," he said.

He paused and thought for a few seconds. "How about four hundred thousand dollars?" he asked.

"That's very generous," I said, "but I'd be happy with twenty percent. That's two hundred thousand."

Eli extended his hand. "Deal," he said.

"So what about your mom?" I asked.

"She's not coming to breakfast with us," he said.

"So she gets nothing?" I asked.

"I'm already paying you!" he said.

"Well, we need to give her something," I said.

"All right," he said. "I'll give her--ten dollars."

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