Friday, October 26, 2007

GH III Demo: One More Note

My friend John Harwood expressed this far more eloquently than I could:
GH/GH II made me feel like I was noticing nuances in the guitar line that I'd never noticed before. It's entirely possible that it was a combination of lead/rhythm lines, but it didn't matter because it sounded right. That was borne out by me listening to songs later that I'd never before heard on the radio and immediately recognizing some of the subtleties in the guitar line that I knew from the game. Aside from the various things that pull you out of the immersion in GH III and make it harder to notice the music, I get exactly the opposite feeling in GH3: I'm noticing that it doesn't sound right. Even when I'm playing the master recording of Even Flow, the guitar line doesn't sound right. Has to be right, but it doesn't sound right.

So regardless of the actual accuracy of the note charts, GH/GH II made me feel like I was hearing things that I'd missed hearing before. GH III makes me feel like I'm missing things I've heard before.

That is exactly what's been bothering me, but I just couldn't put my finger on it.

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