Friday, October 26, 2007

Boston College vs. Virginia Tech

"What IS a 'Hokie', anyway?" Gloria is sitting on the couch with me, watching the end of the Virginia Tech game.

"It's that little stick sweeper that restaurants use to clean the carpet," I said. "It's like a vacuum cleaner, but without a motor."

"Virginia Tech's mascot is a vacuum cleaner?" she asked.

"It's on their helmets," I said. "Right under the big 'VT'."

Of course, after I complain about ESPN missing snaps, they didn't miss one last night for the first time all season. Not that I'm complaining--it was a big improvement. After the game, though, in the SportsCenter opening, they were showing scenes from San Diego with the headline "Fire Affects."

Oops. Try "effects," guys.

Boston College convinced me last night that they should play for the national championship if they win out. Blacksburg is an incredibly difficult place to play, there was blinding rain for much of the game, the officials absolutely gave Virginia Tech a touchdown--and Boston College still came back and won in the last minute.

Yes, it's entirely possible that the ending was so exciting that I jumped off the couch and did the extremely rare "Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uhuhuh" victory dance. Allegedly.

"Hey! They don't have vacuum cleaners on their helmets!"

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