Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Fun New Drinking Game

Every time ESPN misses a snap during a college football game, drink a shot. You'll get more drunk than if you played the Bob Newhart Drinking Game (a shot every time a character says "Hi, Bob"), or the Brent Mussberger Drinking Game (a shot every time he says "folks"), and if you drink enough, you might not be so pissed off about the "Worldwide Leader in Sports Coverage" treating the actual game like an inconvenience as it promotes its own network shows, interviews celebrities in the booth, shows five gratuitous close-ups between plays, features Todd Blackledge jamming food down his piehole at a local restaurant, and in general acting like the game is just the place where they all decided to hang out.


Oh, and if you're wondering, don't try this with another network. You'll still be stone cold sober at the end of the game.

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