Tuesday, December 11, 2007

At Least Their Name is Half Right

I'm not sure what I think is Game of the Year at this point, but I can point out, with absolute certainly, the Losers of the Year.

In case you missed it, at the Spike Video Game Awards show (damn, I think I threw up in my mouth just typing that), BioShock won Game of the Year. As Ken Levine went on stage to accept the award, two people in rooster outfits rushed the stage and shouted a couple of idiotic things about Gamecock into the microphone.


Here's what CEO Mike Wilson said to Joystiq:
...Mike Wilson telling us "the award acceptance they interrupted was the LAST one we would have wanted to interrupt, ("most addictive game fueled by mountain dew" would have been a wonderful choice) as we have the utmost respect and love for BioShock and all who were involved in it, and it totally sucks that Ken Levine didn't get to speak after making such a fantastic game."

Really? It was the last awards acceptance you'd want to interrupt? And yet, you did.

What's really darkly comic about all this is that they chose the Spike Video Game awards to pull this stunt. How many people watch that show--ten? All these guys did was humiliate themselves for nothing.

Here's a really crazy thought: why don't these guys get people talking about them by making some good games?

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