Monday, December 24, 2007

Sweeney Todd

We went to see Sweeney Todd on Saturday night. We don't go see that many movies (I'd rather see them at home, really, since we have a nice setup), but anything with Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp, directed by Tim Burton, is a must-see for me.

I went to the bathroom before we went into sit down, and while I was at the urinal I saw some graffiti scratched into a metal support that held the adjoining stall in place. "SUCK MY NUTS," it said.

It's true. You can never go wrong with the classics.

What was most amazing about Sweeney Todd were the previews. They were endless, and it was easily the most schizophrenic set of previews in history. In order, they were:

1. The Metropolitan Opera in HD
2. A marathon in HD
3. Post-apocalyptic horror
4. Romantic comedy
5. Hip-hop dance film
6. Horror
7. Action thriller

It was insane, but after the movie, I realized that it was also almost entirely correct. Sweeney Todd IS an opera, sort of, and it is a horror film, and it is a romantic comedy, and it is a thriller.

I never saw the hip-hop dance scenes, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were in there.

The movie itself was magnificent, as you'd expect, and remarkably grisly. I'm biased, obviously--Helena Bonham Carter could read the back of a Wheat Thins box and I'd want to give her the Academy Award--but the entire film was so carefully, lovingly done.

In a very darkly comic and disturbing way, of course.

It's been quite a week for me. I saw the two funniest men in the world on Monday night (Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant), the third funniest man in the world on Saturday night (Sacha Baren Cohen, who has a hilarious turn in Sweeney Todd), the best actress in the world (Helena Bonham Carter), and one of the finest actors in the world (Johnny Depp).

Oh, and the HD-DVD edition of Blade Runner is on my desk.

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