Monday, April 07, 2008

The Birthday Date

I went out to dinner last night with Gloria for my birthday.

"Good grief, I look like a slut," she said, looking at herself in the passenger side visor mirror as we drove to the restaurant.

"Honey! And for my birthday! Thank you SO MUCH," I said.

After dinner, we went to Border's to wander aimlessly for a while. On the way out, we saw a rack of romance novels. Gloria saw one of the names and burst out laughing, and I started copying down a few of the better titles:
Accidentally Pregnant, Conveniently Wed
The Gentlemen's Rancher
The Pilot's Woman
The Italian's Rags to Riches Wife
The Martinez Marriage Revenge (what a great name for a band)
Bought For the Frenchman's Pleasure
The Billionaire's Virgin Mistress

High Seas to High Society

I've got to say that The Billionaire's Virgin Mistress must be one of the greatest romance titles ever. The only way to make that more enticing to potential buyers would be to title it The Billionaire's Blind Virgin Mistress.

Next to that rack, there was a second rack. This was apparently the raunchier romance novel section. So instead of The Italian's Rags to Riches Wife, you got Bedded For the Italian's Pleasure.

On the way out of the bookstore, we passed by the "Animals" book section, and one title just leaped out at me. "Honey, I think this book was misshelved," I said. "It should be in the romance section. I'm going to put it back."

"What is it?" she asked, as I walked back to the romance rack.

I held up the book and she burst out laughing. What was the title?

Chosen By A Horse.

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