Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gaming Links

DQ reader Matt Burris recently started a new website called MattPlays, and it has a very useful focus: high-quality gameplay videos of the games he's currently playing. The videos seem to average about ten minutes in length, and in the last four weeks, he's put up videos of a dozen different games, including Army of Two, Dark Sector, and Bully: Scholarship Edition. There are 44 videos in all (so far), and include both PC and Xbox 360 games.

What I really like about these videos is that the videos are just an unbiased look at how a game plays. That's unique and very helpful.

Tracey John of MTV Multiplayer has a candid interview with Newsweek General Technology Editor N'Gai Croal about race in the gaming industry. What I always like about N'Gai is that a single paragraph of his writing can make you think about ten different things. His writing is entertaining, but it also challenges the reader.

Matt Sakey's Culture Clash column has a new installment titled A Modest Proposal. In spite of the title, though, I think this is a look at the future, not a piece of Swiftian satire, and his central argument (that games can help children lean more quickly and more "voluntarily," so to speak) seems eminently reasonable.

John Morris sent me a link to slides from Richard Bartle's presentation at IMGDC: Three Views From 2018. It's a look at what virtual worlds could be like a decade from now, and it's both clever and interesting.

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