Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Tomb of Zin-Twa-Zee: Now with 100% more Play-Doh

I was taking Eli 6.8 to his Granny's house on Sunday, and we were talking about our next Big Adventure, "The Tomb of Zin-Twa-Zee."

To make a long story short, we decided to do it in claymation.

I mentioned an inexpensive ($40) claymation software package called Claymation Studio a few months back. I still haven't tried it out, but I've been intending all along to make a movie with Eli, and this would be perfect.

Here's the story: a father and his young boy, in classic Indiana Jones style, adventure across the world to the deepest corners of Asia to find the lost tomb of Zin-Twa-Zee. Danger and fortune await, of course.

We'll be able to do all kinds of things that we couldn't do in real life: traversing dangerous rope bridges over gorges, surviving landslides, even battling ferocious crocodiles. I mean, of course I've done all those things, but not with Eli.

This works out great for me on two fronts: one, it gives us a theme for a big summer project, and two, it will help me get familiar with the software, because I'd really like to do some things in claymation myself. And for Eli 6.8, he gets to be both a hero (in clay) and a movie star.

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