Monday, April 07, 2008

Your E-Mail, Now Including Tribe

As always, thanks for the thoughtful comments.

Dan Quock sent in a link to what must be the definitive Tribe website--created by Steve Latham, it's simply called Tribe. I had no idea there even was a Tribe website, let alone a definitive one, but there are links to quite a few articles about the band as well as an outstanding selection of rare MP3's.

Also, much to my surprise, the Burger Chef post prompted some e-mail. First off, David Gloier added some historical information on Hill-bert's:
I have to correct the girl behind the counter. It's been Hill-berts since 1973. I went to their website and verified this, because I distinctly remembered it being a Burger Chef and I was born in 1969.

Mike Rozek wrote in and included some links to old Burger Chef television commercials, and yes, I remember the "Fun Burger" commercial vividly (link 3):
Burger Chef 1
Burger Chef 2
Burger Chef 3

JL sent me an e-mail on Friday about the "Beware the Believers" video, which I mentioned as being "anti-science." Here's his explanation:
I don't read "Beware the Believers" as anti-science at all. It's poking a good deal of personal fun at Richard Dawkins's rhetorical persona, but hey! The parody is spot on. He really does write and speak like that, all the time (that's not a criticism--Dawkins is one of my favorite people).

JL proceeded to go into a detailed explanation of the film itself, with some specific explanations, and as it turns out, this film is largely a spoof about a documentary coming out that is pro-intelligent design.

"Pro-intelligent design." Three words that are hopelessly muddled when used in consecutive order.

So that little film was about a thousand times more complex than I thought. Like much of life for me, really.

Finally, Mike Kolar, after seeing the "Big Dog" video link on Friday, sent me a link to a video spoof, and it's so goofy that it's funny.

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