Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rock Band 2 (#128)

Okay, I'm not playing drums solely on Expert anymore.

The way the tour is structured, there are "mystery setlist" gigs available in every city. These gigs are fun to play, because they use DLC if you have it, but the difficulty is all over the map--even "Simple Mystery Setlist" gigs might throw in a song that is way past "simple."

I wanted to play these gigs, but I couldn't pass them in Expert, so I dropped down to Hard for any event where I don't know the set list.

This makes me wish for another feature, and since Harmonix seems to have a direct connection into my brain, maybe they'll do it again. I want to play at the hardest difficulty level I can, so it would be great to be able to select the difficulty level before each song in multiple song gigs.

For instance, if "Sea And Sand" comes up, I know I'm not passing that on Expert--it's just not happening. So I could drop down to Hard for that song. If the next song is "Living On a Prayer," though, I can five-star that on Expert with no problem, so I could choose Expert for that song.

Yes, it would cause a little break between each song, but it could also be made optional (ask the question at the start of the gig, and if you say "no," then there's no selection choice after each song). What it would do, though, is let you play to the full level of your capabilities on each song.

I've gotten through 33 of the on-disc songs on Expert, with 1 song where I had to drop down to Hard (The Libyans--man, I don't like that song!). So I'm slowly making progress, even though I'm still only playing about 20 minutes a day because of my shoulder.

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