Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Links!

From hippo, a link to an interesting story about great white sharks, who come near shore more often than we think. Also, a fascinating story about how much of the low-enriched uranium fuel for our nuclear reactors comes from dismantled Soviet nuclear weapons.

From Jesse Leimkuehler, a link to some remarkable images from Cassini of the Enceladus plume.

From David, a link to a fascinating discovery: the remains of a 50,000 man Persian army lost in a sandstorm 2,500 years ago (originally reported by Herodotus).

From Brad, an excellent idea: an interactive MRI brain scan.

From David Gloier, a link to a story about a population of butterflies that appears to be splitting into two species.

From Greg V, stunning hi-res images of Mars from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

From Ryan Leasher, an xkcd comic of movie narrative charts.

From Daniel Quock, a link showing that construction on North Korea's legendary Ryugyong Hotel, after a suspension of over 16 years, has resumed.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, it's a very fun video of skateboarding and explosions in slow-motion (p.s. don't try this at home). Next, it's the greatest tooth extraction method ever.

From Sirius, with excellent photographs, it's the Arachnid Hall of Fame. Also, the discovery of a new dinosaur that appears to be an important evolutionary link.

From Frank Regan, and most of them are definitely cringe-worthy, it's the 25 Funniest Vintage Tech Ads.

From Ryan Leasher, another very funny video from The Onion about the upcoming ultra-realistic Modern Warfare 3.

Yes, this is pretty awesome (thanks Sam Veilleux): a girl playing Rock Band
with a flute. And just below that on the same page, there's a video that's arguably even better: a guy with a trombone (and he's damn good, too).

Finally, from Brad Brasfield, a link to the strangest video of Guitar Hero you'll ever see, with soccer players (and soccer balls).

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