Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Oh, my.

Details of the OnLive launch were released today, and I have a hard time understanding why anyone would still be interested.

First off, there's a monthly "service fee" of $14.95.

What does the monthly service fee get you? According to OnLive's website, it includes access to game demos, video profiles, and community features.

What does it not get you access to? Games.

That's right--"full versions of games...are to be purchased or rented separately."

What happens if you decide to leave the service? I'm pretty sure that you'll be hearing a giant flushing sound in regards to the games you "bought." So you didn't buy anything, really, except a rental with no expiration.

Well, no expiration until you stop paying $15 a month.

Oh, and this doesn't include the option to connect a device to your television--it's starting off as PC or Mac compatible only.

To me, you can try the rental model (monthly fee) or you can try the purchase model, but what you absolutely cannot try is the $15 A Month For Not A Damn Thing model.

Iceberg dead ahead, Captain.

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