Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Links!

Leading off, Happy Birthday to DQ Reader My Mom, who turns 80 today.

Brian Witte sent in a link to a remarkable story about the invention of a wheelchair that is usable in the Third World (over rugged terrain), and the signature feature is incredibly ingenious.

From Keith Ganey, a great read about how the cure for scurvy was, incredibly, lost.

From Mr. Fritz, and this is the best Rube Goldberg machine I have EVER seen, it's This Too Shall Pass.

From Brad Brasfield, a link to a a fascinating article about how transgenic mice could solve the obesity epidemic.

From John Rodriguez, a link to a wonderful video in pop-up book style that depicts the growth of Charlotte, North Carolina.

From David, and this is amazing, a link to a story about, well, this:
North Carolina’s Zenph Sound Innovations models the musical performances of musicians from Thelonius Monk to Rachmaninoff, based on how they played in occasionally old, scratchy recordings. Using that model, the company creates new recordings as they would be played by deceased musicians, if they were around to record with today’s equipment, to critical acclaim.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, a story about the creation of a high-speed wireless network in Afghanistan using what was basically junk. Also, an illuminating graph about government food subsidies titled Why Does A Salad Cost More Than A Big Mac?

From George Paci, a link to Future: To The Stars!, a series of illustrations taken from "unlikely sources" from the "Golden Age of Retro-Future (1930s to 1970s).

From Sirius, and these are quite striking, it's botanical drawings for the Digital Age. Also, and this is an absolutely terrific read, it's 6 Historic Acts of Revenge That Put 'Kill Bill' to Shame. Next, and this is stunning, it's Lost Jewish Tribe Found In Zimbabwe. Finally, it's a story about the Knocker-Uppers (hey now), who were hired to wake up clients using a long stick to knock on windows. During the Industrial Revolution, by the way.

From Liz Watson, a link to Procreo Flash Design, a series of Flash animations that can be user manipulated.

From Henry Welsch, a link to a video about a skiier, a slalom gate, and very clever announcers titled OUCH!

From Rob Cigan, who mentioned that he was part of one of the peaks, it's one of the funniest graphs ever:
water consumption in Edmonton during the Olympic Gold Medal Hockey game.

From Steven Kreuch, a link to a video shot at a staggering 1,052 frames per second.

From Jesse Leimkuehler, a link to the answer to a question that's bothered mankind for decades: would a Lava Lamp work in a high-gravity environment such as Jupiter?

From Scott Sudz, and just because you can buy one doesn't mean you should: a personal jetpack.

From Caleb Forney, a stunning picture of a solar corona.

From Jonathan Arnold, and it's a very funny bit of gaming humor, enjoy The Video Game Bosses' Lament.

From Andrew B, a link to one of the most amazing heists I've ever read about: Thieves Go 'Mission: Impossible' On New Jersey Best Buy.

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