Monday, June 14, 2010


I spent some time last week with Flying Finn's Backbreaker roster editing tool.

After a few iterations, I was able to establish that the CPU offense is quite challening if I lowered the Speed and Strength ratings for the defensive lineman to 10. In fact, the CPU killed me.

So while there are certainly some A.I. issues, and the rumored slight increase in camera height in the also rumored patch will help, much of this game's problems can be mitigated via some very simple ratings edits.

There's a dynamic, vibrant aspect to Backbreaker that is very much worth pursuing. A patch to fix the obvious rules errors, along with some simple A.I. improvements, should extend the lifespan of this game substantially.

I'd much rather play Backbreaker than the 20th version of NCAA, if the developers will just show their commitment by putting out a patch.

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