Sunday, June 13, 2010

What You Can't Say At E3

Here's something I'd like to try this week while so many of you are at E3.

There are plenty of things written about games at E3 that are, well, diplomatic. There's just a level of honesty that has to be foresworn, in most cases. You can't just write that something is downright shitty.

You can, however, tell me via e-mail, and I will post your unadulterated thoughts here anonymously.

Now, a couple of restraints. If you've never e-mailed and I don't know you, I won't post your thoughts, because I'm not going to unwittingly (boy, there's a one-word description of me, isn't it?) let a company rep trash a rival.

Plus, this doesn't have to be just negative comments. I'll post any comments you have and keep your identity anonymous.

Oh, and a few of you usually ask me if there's anything in particular I'd like you to check out while you're at E3. Yes, please, and here's the list of my top items:
1) The Fender Squier for Rock Band 3, and any and all impressions of Pro mode.
2) The Nintendo 3DS. Obviously.
3) Find those Backbreaker guys and find out when they're patching their potentially 90 game that shipped in 60 condition.

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