Monday, September 06, 2010

Not Terribly Bright (I am not talking about myself-- this time)

We were watching TV last week-- as a family-- when we saw a promo for a new series.

Well, it was new to us, anyway.

The promo started off with a man in a sumo suit falling, then cut to a woman in a plastic tub getting pushed down stairs (summary: it does not go well for her).

We all laughed. Stupid people are funny. Or, as Homer Simpson said, "It's funny because it didn't happen to me."

Then a man in a Speedo rode his bicycle through waste-high mud, followed by a man riding an ATV into the side of a cliff.

"Dad, can we tape this?" Eli 9.1 asked.

"Almost," I said. "I'm almost in. But I need something more."

A woman, holding down a thin tree, lets go and gets hit in the face by the rebound.

"So close," I said. "I'm just not quite there."

The last excerpt began with an open-mouthed alligator. Then someone sticks their hand into the alligator's mouth.

We all burst out laughing, because none of us thought that this nonstop parade of stupidity could be topped.

The alligator's mouth closed on the hand.

"I'm in," I said.

Note: after watching two episodes of this show (I think it's called "The World's Dumbest People"), which were a bizarre mix of hilarious/cruel/inappropriate content, we decided that Eli 9.1 wasn't old enough to watch. Not because of the video so much as the audio reactions, which were constantly being bleeped.

I found one good video example of the show's content here. I didn't have the audio on, but there are no NSFW bits in the video.

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