Wednesday, November 10, 2010


There's a story over at Daily Tech titled "Report: Netflix Will Clobber U.S. Bandwidth."

I don't think "clobber" is correct. However, I do think it's correct to say that Internet users will download significantly more data than last year.

Remember what I wrote a few months back about the upcoming scorched-earth wars between content providers and Internet providers? It seems reasonable to say that between Netflix, ESPN3, and assorted other online content distribution methods, that war will be coming very soon--within the next year, certainly.

Time Warner was already trying to implement usage caps. Comcast was doing the same. Video streaming, seemingly, is their apocalypse (if you listen to them). I have no sympathy for these companies--they've been milking broadband for huge profits for years--but they are going to cry big crocodile tears, and some people will believe them.

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