Thursday, April 14, 2011


I was writing a Console Post of the Week that was miserably uninspired, so thank goodness Nathan B. sent me  links to the emering story of Rob Granito, a comic "artist" who is apparently nothing of the kind. In fact, it's being alleged (quite strongly, and with plenty of evidentiary backup) that he's nothing more than a "tracer" who copies the works of others, changes them in minute ways, and sells them as his own.

It's a fascinating story, and there are a load of links to go with it (all interesting, and best read in order):
The Ballad of Comic Con Grifter Rob Granito
Who On Earth Is Rob Granito?
More Fun With Rob Granito Before MegaCon
When Ethan Van Sciver Met Rob Granito
Rob Granito’s MegaCon Adventure With Mark Waid
Rob Granito Called a Fraud, Banned From Conventions
Art Thief Rob Granito Wants $150 To Do an Interview, Is Completely Out Of His Mind

It's all quite mesmerizing, and what amazes me is that he wasn't found out until now.

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