Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Kick In The Pants

Football games were a gigantic wasteland last year: Madden (crap), NCAA (crap), and Backbreaker (very promising, but not quite finished).

Given that EA is basically the only company who still makes graphics-based football games--with the occasional rogue exception--it's not surprising. Also, given that Tiburon makes both games, it's even less surprising. Can anyone name a sports series that has consistently improved under Tiburon's direction?

Crickets chirping.

That's that makes this story so interesting (thanks Pasta Padre):
Multiple sources have informed me there are some major changes taking place at EA Tiburon specifically relating to the Madden NFL franchise. Several high level members of the development team are apparently on their way out and may be joining a new studio that is being founded by a former Tiburon executive. When made public some of the names exiting the studio will be immediately recognizable to those who closely follow the series.

That's nothing but good news, because it can't get any worse--"unplayable" extends to the horizon, so "more unplayable" would be no different, and "playable" might even become a possibility.

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