Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I managed to snap a few pictures at critical moments the last few days.

First, Eli 12.0 has started to school, so I made sure to be appropriately sympathetic:

This almost makes up for the old man cards he gets me for my birthday.

Next, we saw this in Walgreen's Sunday night (you need to click on it to get the enlarged version for important details):

"So these cookies are made in Scotland," Gloria said.

"Yes, I see that cookie is wearing a kilt," I said.

"They're made in a village," she said. "But not just any village--a secluded village." Yes, it actually says that on the package.

"Secluded village? I am in so hard," I said. "They probably have to use the the same equipment they use to churn butter, because no one can bring proper shortbread making gear that far. Maybe the Scottish Amish make them."

Heavy item pickup is this week in our neighborhood, which is basically a chance to throw out all the crap that won't fit in the trash can. Two doors down, I saw this on the curb:

That's a photograph or a print of a photograph, not a painting, as far as I could tell. I seriously considered picking this up, bringing it into the house, and hanging it up somewhere. Gloria would have fainted and had a stroke at the same time.

We were in line at Thundercloud Subs for lunch today, and they have a big bulletin board that anyone can put flyers on. This one certainly got my attention:

Right next to Pagan Pride Day, there was a flyer for a salsa festival. Welcome to Austin.

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