Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Fighting Eleven #3: Recruiting Prototype

Well, I have what I think is a solid starting design for the recruiting process in Fighting Eleven, and I'm going to build a prototype of that first.

That way, people can start playing the recruiting portion and offering comments early in the process.

The problem right now is my work environment, which is, in a word, terrible. It seems like I have an endless stream of non-programming work tasks scheduled every day, mostly related to moving. I just can't get out from under the pile, and until I do, I can't seriously pursue making the prototype.

The design is compact enough that I think I could complete the prototype with two weeks of serious work, but it's difficult to get two minutes a day right now.

Having complained about all that, though, I like the design. I think I've learned quite a bit about controlling the programming difficulty by controlling the design, without taking any of the fun away.

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