Tuesday, August 16, 2016

No Man's Sky

If you're close to my age (sorry), I will describe No Man's Sky in one sentence for you: A Yes album cover by Roger Dean with music by Vangelis. 

For the rest of you, let's keep going, and this isn't going to be an exhaustive gameplay discussion, because you can find those all over the place.

Let's pretend that you never read a word about No Man's Sky. Had no idea what it was about. One day, a disc appears in the mail and all it says is "Play Me".

You decide to follow instructions.

When the game is installed, you wait to play until the house is dark and quiet. You shut the door, put on headphones, and press "Play".

Your mind proceeds to get blown. Fully, irretrievably blown.


Back in gaming's early days, we overlooked the minor in pursuit of the major. Today, we micro-analyze the minor to invalidate the major.

Don't do that with this game.

It's stunningly, staggeringly beautiful. The experience is almost hypnotic.

I could write many words about how NMS might be even better if it was different here and here and there, but those words do not matter.

The game is bigger than all of those words.

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