Wednesday, September 07, 2016

55 or 15?

The workout that Eli 15.1 has been doing for over two years is still being done, but now the location is a quite fantastic YMCA in Grand Rapids.

This has been very good for him.

For a while, he's been a bit bored with this workout. What's funny, though, is that it's very well-designed, and he's doing all kinds of crazy, interesting things.

He juggles three balls while doing footwork drills on an agility ladder (and his feet are flying). He catches cards that I throw at him at considerable speed. He bounce juggles while doing the Superman pose (which is just what it sounds like, with the balance point being his stomach--it really builds a strong core).

This has become normal for him, but it's not for anyone else. Every time we've done that workout, someone (often a YMCA employee) has stopped and asked questions, and every time, they're blown away.

On Monday, he was doing his agility ladder work and a woman came by and said, "I can't believe it's even possible to do that! You're amazing!" She was so sincerely impressed. Another time, a man came by after Eli had been catching cards (which is incredibly difficult, but not for him) and was just gobsmacked.

Because of moments like this, Eli has realized that what seems ordinary to him is actually quite fresh and remarkable to anyone else, which is great, because he really enjoys doing the workout again.

However, people say different things to me, because I'm an old man walking around in an air cast, trying to row and do some lifting.

We were on our way out on Monday, and I said to him, "Here's the difference between fifteen and fifty-five. You get 'You're amazing!'. I get 'Somebody got a big owie!' "

Yes, someone actually said that to me. I was tempted to drink bleach.

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