Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Some gasket-type thing on our dishwasher lost its seal, and a bit of water got on the kitchen floor, so it's out of commission until we can get a gasket-type repairman.

Gloria brought out lunch today for Eli 15.1 (who now lives five minutes from school, so lunch at home is entirely feasible), and when she did, she brought over a red plastic cup.

"What is that?" I asked.

"It's fruit," she said.

"Innovation!" I said. "No bowl to wash. Can use a drinking-type motion to eat fruit."

"No, it's just that the dishwasher's broken," she said.

"I disagree," I said. "This is a breakthrough in zero-footprint fruit consumption and water conservation!"


At times, I like to have a little cheddar cheese.

"Do we have any cheese cubes?" I asked. I was standing in the kitchen, crackers in hand.

"No, but there's cheese in the fridge," Gloria said.

"Could we buy some cubed cheese?" I asked. "I enjoy cheese, but I'd like to get out of the cheese production business."

"Oh my god," Gloria said.

Eli 15.1 burst out laughing. "Oh, Dad," he said.

"I'm more of a consumer than a producer," I said. "Although if you can buy some metal device where I could press down on the cheese block once and cube it, that would also work."

Eli was still laughing.

"I guess I just want to get out of the single cheese cube production business," I said.

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