Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Quick Hitters

Eli 15.2 had something different on his plate last night. He commented after dinner when he put his plate up.

"What was that weird orange concoction you tried to force on me?"

"Butternut squash," Gloria said.

"Not on my watch, buddy," he said.

Eli was on the way to the rink, wearing his dress clothes (as they do whenever they go to a rink for a game). "My half-Windsor is ON POINT!" he said.

I still have to do all my ankle rehab when we're on the road, like we were Thursday-Sunday last week. There's one exercise where I put an elastic loop around both forefeet, then walk sideways (to strengthen my hips).

It hurts. It's also very, very slow.

The only place I could do it in the hotel room was in the little corridor between the beds and the wall. Ever so slowly, I moved sideways, crossing right in front of Eli, who was relaxing on a bed.

I made a sound.

Eli said "What was that?"

"Doppler effect."


We were at Panera Bread for dinner on Saturday night, and I got a bowl of soup.

Eli sat across from me, eating.

"Look," I said, and bumped the table. Ripples extended from the soup's center. I waited a few seconds, then did it again. "Jurassic Park!"

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