Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Links!

This is an extremely interesting geopolitical article sent in by C. Lee: Conquering chaos: Why states fail and how to rebuild them. Also, and this is entirely fantastic: Why would someone spend five years retranslating all of Final Fantasy 7?

From Allen Varney, and this is a terrific read: Michael Joyce’s Second Act: In 1996, David Foster Wallace profiled tennis player Michael Joyce in one of the most celebrated pieces of sports writing ever published. Who has he become since?

From Michael Gilbert, the story of a fascinating fellow (and very strong music): William Onyeabor, Nigerian funk music pioneer, RIP. Also, and this is such a great read, it's THE INCREDIBLE STORY OF HOW THE HUYGENS MISSION TO TITAN SUCCEEDED WHEN IT COULD HAVE FAILED.

From Frank Regan, and this is very clever: Dominoes with bricks. This next link is one of the single most incredible things I've ever seen a human being do, and he does it to save his kids: 1 Dad Reflex 2 Children.

From Steven Davis, and this is entirely fantastic:  Animation Resources. This next story is incredible: The toy-inspired Paperfuge, an innovative new tool in healthcare. This looks like a terrific film to see: Silbo Gomero: The Dying Language of Whistling. This absolutely amazed me: The Amish Horse-Drawn Buggy Is More Tech-Forward Than You Think. This is stunning sculpting video: Guy Reid, Making Andrew.

From Wally, and I bet you didn't know this: DID YIDU KNOW FATHER: Years before William Christopher starred on M*A*S*H, he answered the letters children wrote to Lionel. Here's an excellent Tumblr: 70s Sci-Fi Art. One of the greatest badminton rallies I've ever seen: Insane Badminton Rally. This is both awesome and hilarious: Hip 1960s Latin Teacher Translated Beatles Songs into Latin for His Students: Read Lyrics for “O Teneum Manum,” “Diei Duri Nox” & More.

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