Monday, January 16, 2017


Remember the work/gaming laptop I sent back because it was locking up when I started using it?

I ordered through Amazon from EXCaliberPC, and they were great. Took the laptop back with no objections, and refunded my purchase price as well as the shipping charge. Can't say enough nice things about them.

The weekend, unfortunately, was shitty. Eli 15.5 had league playoffs in Chicago, and even though his team finished the regular season 4th out of 23 teams, they were put in a pool with the best team in the league.

That team is playing in the finals tonight.

Eli's team went 1-3, including a very tight 3-1 loss (Eli gave up a goal when the puck was under his pads, trapped, and a kid shoved him into the net). They also lost 4-3 today (not Eli's game) when the other team tied the game 3-3 with .7 seconds left in regulation, then won the shootout.

Yeah, pretty awful.

I have a story about the trip, but I am 100% exhausted and won't be writing it tonight.

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