Thursday, November 12, 2020

An Announcement

I'm going to go ahead and rip the band-aid off, because it's going to surprise you and there's no way for me to edge into it. 

Gloria and I are no longer together. We've actually been divorced for a few months now. 

It felt very, very strange to not discuss any of this as it was happening, because I've been an open book to you for the better part of twenty years, but this was so deeply private that I just couldn't share it until now. We'd grown apart over the years, and it reached a point where there was no way forward for us.

Gloria has been gracious and amicable through the process, and I hope that I have been as well. 

If you're wondering about Eli 19.3, he's great. When we told him, he hugged us both and said that he loved us and supported us. 

This is what you'd expect, coming from the single best person I've ever known. When we went to the range later that day, he said, "Dad, nothing will ever happen to change us," and he's right. 

I live in an apartment five minutes from the house, and I see Eli every day when he's back from school. Our relationship is the same that it's always been, which makes me very, very happy. And I still see Gloria and Gracie every week as well.

There are quite a few funny things about living in an apartment by myself after so long, and now I can start telling you about them. 

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