Thursday, November 12, 2020

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, a fascinating story: A Nameless Hiker and the Case the Internet Can’t Crack. Also, this is quite interesting (at least to me--I had no idea): The most contentious transition before Trump and Biden: Hoover and FDR.

From Wally, and it would certainly keep me away: Japan Is Using a Robotic ‘Monster Wolf’ to Scare Bears Away From People’s Houses. This is an interesting read: Which publishers are the game subscription believers? This is phenomenal: The Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships Are Difficult. A remarkable discovery: Military carrier pigeon message turns up 110 years after it was sent.

From Jonathon W. and it's fantastic: How to Make the 'Canard' Paper Airplane | WIRED.

Excellent links from C. Lee, and they start off with this: Old bay, new money: the economics of Maryland’s favorite flavor. And here's its origin story: Old Bay seasoning bears its Jewish roots. The story is fascinating, but the title is Hall of Fame worthy: The Legend of Old Tom and the Gruesome "Law of the Tongue". This is a surprise: Why Reports of Legionnaires’ Disease Are on the Rise in the United States. What an odd problem: Panasonic to assist Japanese railway companies in removing dropped wireless earbuds from train tracks. This is terrific: The truth about British stoicism

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