Thursday, November 26, 2020


Happy Thanksgiving (disturbing historical legacy aside) to U.S. readers today, and I hope you were all able to spend time with your families safely. 

If not, here are a few pictures for you. 

First, I was invited over to the house for what has become the traditional Thanksgiving breakfast:

Gloria said that the turkeys were a little frantic this year, and maybe they were having a bit of a bad hair today, but they were still delicious. Cinnamon rolls on Thanksgiving for late breakfast are an unbelievable luxury. 

Around noon, Gloria asked what time sports were coming on. I said, "Well, the Lions game is on soon, so I guess that's sports adjacent?"

After the traditionally delicious lunch, Eli 19.3 made a raspberry souffle (with a shaved chocolate outer shell), and it was delicious. The view from above:

I know. And it was his first time doing this, too. Here's the head-on view:

It was delicious.

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