Monday, November 23, 2020

Things I've Learned About Cooking (#2 in a series): Frozen Vegetables Are Like Wildlife Parks

#1 in the series was vent the package of Spanish rice before putting it in the microwave. We've covered that already. 

When you buy a package of frozen vegetables, there will always be an inviting picture on the cover of the vegetables in roughly even quantities. For instance, let's say the package contains carrots, corn, and green beans. That picture is going to look like a national flag with three equal stripes: orange, yellow, and green. 

This is exactly the same marketing as the wildlife park that proudly advertises over 275 animals, and has photos of all manner of exotic beasts. What a wonderful experience!

When you drive through the wildlife park, you realize that 260 of the animals are different varieties of deer.

When you open the frozen vegetables, the deer are the green beans.

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