Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Thank You, Vaccine

I have superhero antibodies, apparently.

I woke up at 2:30 this morning, freezing. Added a blanket, and when that wasn't enough, put on a Patagonia base layer. 

After drifting in and out of sleep for the next four hours, I woke up. 

I got out of bed. In retrospect, this was a mistake. 

Every day since the pandemic started, I've taken my temperature. It's always within a few tenths of 97.5F. This morning it was 100.5. 

Good, I thought. 

What wasn't good was that I was extremely nauseated and was having trouble walking because I felt so weak. Also somewhat dizzy.

I made it to the kitchen and toasted my Pop-Tarts. I put them on a paper plate, started to lose my balance because of the dizziness and sent a Pop-Tart into low Earth orbit. 

Didn't fall, though. Just had one Pop-Tart instead of two for breakfast. 

I felt very hot from the fever, then I suddenly got cold and had to put on my heated winter jacket at the setting I use when walking outside in 20F. 

Eventually, I warmed back up.

After slamming a fair amount of caffeine over the next thirty minutes, I managed to regain my senses. Then I edited at one-quarter speed for the next four hours. 

I'm functional now, though I won't be leaving the apartment today. I don't think I could walk more than thirty or forty yards. 

Still, I'll take it. Happily. Thanks, Pfizer.

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